Power Banks Price List in Malaysia

Power banks: A Life Saver for the Gadgets

Most of us remain hooked to our smartphones and tablets all day long. While some are addicted to playing games, the others prefer updating their Instagram accounts at regular intervals. Well, these are just a few examples, but whatever may be the cause, unbridled usage of Smartphone or tablet’s drains their batteries faster than expected, causing utter dismay. However, with an efficient power bank in your stock you can easily combat such situations. Mybestprice offers you an excellent range of power banks from various leading companies. Thus, if you are trying to find out information on power banks price in Malaysia then visit our website for further details.

Best Power Banks of 2019

Pineng PN-963 image
Pineng PN-963
RM 28.50
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Romoss GT 1 image
Romoss GT 1
RM 78.00
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ASUS ZenPower image
ASUS ZenPower
RM 85.00
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Pineng PN-993 image
Pineng PN-993
RM 56.00
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Romoss Solo 5 image
Romoss Solo 5
RM 55.90
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Romoss Sense X image
Romoss Sense X
RM 90.00
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Aukey PB-T11 image
Aukey PB-T11
RM 187.00
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Romoss Sense 4 LED image
Romoss Sense 4 LED
RM 43.80
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Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 image
Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2
RM 41.77
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Pineng PN-999 Silver image
Pineng PN-999 Silver
RM 38.00
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Romoss Ace 10 image
Romoss Ace 10
RM 51.00
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Romoss Sense 15 image
Romoss Sense 15
RM 64.90
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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mAh image
Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mAh
RM 19.00
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Yoobao Q12 image
Yoobao Q12
RM 85.00
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Romoss Polymos 10s image
Romoss Polymos 10s
RM 87.00
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Romoss Freemos 5 image
Romoss Freemos 5
RM 63.00
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Choose your Brand

Romoss Sense 6 LED image
Romoss Sense 6 LED
RM 65.00
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Aukey PB-N30 image
Aukey PB-N30
RM 79.00
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Sony CP-SC10 image
Sony CP-SC10
RM 399.00
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Aukey PB-T9 image
Aukey PB-T9
RM 149.00
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Utoo U50 image
Utoo U50
RM 38.00
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Romoss Solo 6 image
Romoss Solo 6
RM 79.00
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TP-LINK PB50 image
RM 83.00
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Pineng PN-958 Black image
Pineng PN-958 Black
RM 33.98
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Pineng PN-983s Pink image
Pineng PN-983s Pink
RM 38.00
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Pineng PN-958 White image
Pineng PN-958 White
RM 32.00
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Pineng PN-958 Blue image
Pineng PN-958 Blue
RM 30.10
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Hoco UPB07 image
Hoco UPB07
RM 82.00
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Romoss Polymos 5 White image
Romoss Polymos 5 White
RM 59.00
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Pineng PN-960 Black image
Pineng PN-960 Black
RM 29.00
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Romoss Polymos 5 Blue image
Romoss Polymos 5 Blue
RM 90.00
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Power Banks Price in Malaysia

Latest Power Banks Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Pineng PN-963RM 29
Romoss GT 1RM 78
ASUS ZenPowerRM 85
Pineng PN-993RM 56
Romoss Solo 5RM 56
Romoss Sense XRM 90
Aukey PB-T11RM 187
Romoss Sense 4 LEDRM 44
Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2RM 42
Pineng PN-999 SilverRM 38

How to pick the right power bank?

The more we get choices, the more it becomes confusing for us. However, to find the right power bank, you need to consider a few factors. Like:

  • Capacity: As you know the capacity of any power, bank is measured in mAh. The greater the capacity, the more will be its efficiency.
  • Portability: Power banks are available in various sizes. Larger power banks, that are of higher capacity are more bulky and weighty than the other versions, and is pricey too. To know more, refer to our website to compare power bank prices online and also have a look at their features, prior to ordering it.
  • Usage: We suggest our clients to make their find broad. Thus, they should look at their device’s compatibility. In case you are carrying multiple gadgets, please see whether all the devices can be charged from the same power bank.


How Mybestprice is better than many other popular websites?

We thoroughly understand that you must be apprehensive about trusting any website especially when there are so many in the domain. User friendliness, authentic information, easy payment options, expert reviews and clarity in services – are our forte. We are here to ease your job and assist you in settling for a perfect buy.

Our easy price filtering options let you refine your searches according to your pre decided budget. We also, take care of your brand fascination. Hence, get updated list of power bank in Malaysia along with their prices, from all the leading brands such as Pineng, Romoss, Remax, Xiaomi, Anker, Hoco, Momax, Solar, Sony, Asus, Pinno, QAD, Yoobao, Dual, Aukey, Solar Charger and Yundu, only on our site.

If you are travelling extensively or are forgetful about charging your device before stepping out of your home, then it is time to invest in a good power bank before you land yourself in some distressing situation. Hence, wait no more.

How to place your order through us?

As we said, our aim is to simplify your shopping experience. From high quality waterproof power bank to garden solar power bank panel, we have the all the latest and advanced versions.

Once done, please place your order through any of the trusted online retailers of Malaysia like Lazada, Youbeli, Aliexpress, Qoo10 and Amazon. Your product will be delivered at your address with utmost care.



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