Home Theater Price List in Malaysia

Turn your living room into a mini-theatre

Until recently the best way to watch a movie was to go to a theatre or multiplex. But even in a multiplex we deal with a lot of inconvenience and noise that ruins the fun of watching a movie. But not anymore! Turn your ordinary TV rooms into home theatres with our television sets coupled with thier accessories and high definition surround sound. With the advancement in technology people now have more choices for a home theatre set up as they are quite affordable with great picture or sound quality. You will find it a lot more convenient and quieter than a movie theater. With better viewing and sound quality experience a new way of watching movies or action or sports flick on TV.

Home Theater Price in Malaysia

Latest Home Theater Price List (2020) Updated Prices
Sony CMT-SBT20RM 319
Sony BDV-E4100RM 1,328
Panasonic SC-BTT465RM 1,250
Yamaha YHT-3920UBLRM 3,991
Sony 5.1ch DVD Home Theater System DAV-TZ140RM 489
Sony DAV-DZ950 5.1ch DVD Home Theatre SystemRM 1,391
Sony BDV-N9200WRM 2,499
Pioneer HTP-074RM 1,641
Sony BDV-E3100RM 1,099
LG LHD675RM 1,299

What you require for a home theatre set up

To immerse yourself in the worthwhile cinematic experience you need to accessorize your television with speakers and equipment that splits up the surround sound.  If you want to upgrade your entertainment system into a home theatre then log on to our website and you will find a whole range of home theatre. Here you will not have to go through the hassle of finding and assembling different accessories individually. Rather you will get the complete sound system as well as their prices and specification. Just search for best home theatre in Malaysia on our website and you can choose from a wide range of products and feature brands like Sony, Samsung, Yamaha, Bose, JBL, Panasonic, Pyle, Onkyo, LG, Edifier, Philips, GPX, Acoustic, Herman—brands that are not only reliable but are also known for their revolutionary sound systems.

How to choose the best for yourself

Home theatre come in all shape and sizes and so it is necessary to choose wisely a home theater system that matches your choice, requirements and price range. The home theatre is quite affordable, and the lowest price segment is RM 500 and ranges up to RM 5000 and above. You can choose and upgrade your system with more specific products that suits your needs. You can choose golf ball sized speakers that gives you more options in terms of placement or you can choose a minimal speaker system if you don’t like bulky speakers.  There is other system those are compact and upscale the quality of sound and graphics while playing games. And therefore, we cater to the requirements of all types of buyer.

We assist you to buy the best

On our website we provide an online platform where a buyer can find complete details of the product along with its complete specifications. You can also compare the products with its competitors through our compare feature. All you need is to visit our website and check home theatres price in Malaysia and you will get a list of products. Go through the ratings and compare the products and then place your order accordingly. Entertain yourself, in the best way possible.



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