Juicers Price List in Malaysia

Best Juicers of 2019

Kenwood JE680 image
Kenwood JE680
RM 298.00
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Joyoung JYZ-D55 image
Joyoung JYZ-D55
RM 138.90
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Morgan MJE-SC160W image
Morgan MJE-SC160W
RM 132.88
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Joyoung JYZ-E9 image
Joyoung JYZ-E9
RM 752.00
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Joyoung JYL-C93T image
Joyoung JYL-C93T
RM 158.60
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Kenwood BL237 image
Kenwood BL237
RM 318.34
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Joyoung JYL-G12E image
Joyoung JYL-G12E
RM 379.00
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Joyoung JYL-C022E image
Joyoung JYL-C022E
RM 237.98
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Hurom HVS-STF14 image
Hurom HVS-STF14
RM 1,335.00
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Joyoung JYZ-D57 image
Joyoung JYZ-D57
RM 249.80
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SAVTM JE-07 image
RM 198.00
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Joyoung JYZ-D51 image
Joyoung JYZ-D51
RM 275.98
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Hurom HN-EBK20 image
Hurom HN-EBK20
RM 1,170.00
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Juicers Prices in Malaysia

Latest Juicers Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Kenwood JE680RM 298
Joyoung JYZ-D55RM 139
Morgan MJE-SC160WRM 133
Joyoung JYZ-E9RM 752
Joyoung JYL-C93TRM 159
Kenwood BL237RM 318
Joyoung JYL-G12ERM 379
Joyoung JYL-C022ERM 238
Hurom HVS-STF14RM 1,335
Joyoung JYZ-D57RM 250


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